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Arriving home at night in Japan, checking your mailbox and instead of the latest K-Mart catalogs, you usually find yourself with an armful of pamphlets offering girls willing to visit your apartment in less time than it takes to order a pizza! Rather than the model in the picture, you are more than likely to get a young college student or housewife, trying to make a bit extra cash on the side. Welcome to the only part of the economy in Japan that is growing!

Japan’s economy has been in a slump for the past ten years, but the oldest profession in the world continues to flourish. Despite laws that technically ban prostitution, the Japanese have been very creative in creating a sex industry by creating a whole new vocabulary; “Health”, “Esute”, “Soap lands”, “Delivery” and “Salons” are just a few of the different names for places offering a plethora of services.

For sometime many of these places have been off limits to foreigners, with many places having a “no gaijin” policy. This attitude still persists to a certain degree but fortunately there are a number of places, which are making foreigners more welcome.

The purpose of this guide is put together a collection of places for both tourists and long term residents, which are gaijin friendly and offer reasonable value for your hard earned yen. There is no guarantee that you will be accepted into every place. This will depend of on how you look and what you say, so dress up a little and study Japanese.

The site will be developed further in the future and will be updated regularly. Feel free to leave comments on any of the places you have visited.

About the name

The name Tokyo Pink Guide, comes from the title of a book by Steven Langhirne Clemens. It is still an entertaining read, but most if not all of the places mentioned in the book are no longer in business. The book gave me the idea to start an online version where you can find places to go and also share your experience.