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Tokyo Pink Guide welcomes readers’ reviews of their experiences, both good and bad of any shops they have visited. All shops now have a place where you can write your own review and share your experience. Here are some older reviews.

Tokyo Escorts – October 2006

I had Haruka the other night. She looks pretty much like her picture on her website. Nice and tall and slim, with a cute pierced navel. She gave a really great blow job.

Overall another fantastic girlfriend experience.

Tokyo Escorts – March 2006

I was feeling incredibly horny the other night and I had just made a nice sale at work, so I thought I would treat myself to a nice young girl.

Scanning through the different sites on the Tokyo Pink Guide and other forums on the web, Tokyo escorts seemed to have best girls. I called and made a booking for 7. My belief is always to try and catch the girls early on in the night.

I met my “date” just near the police box in Dogenzaka. It is a good to get an idea of where this is before you set out as it makes meeting up your girl a great deal easier. I say “date” because that is what it felt like. She was a very cute or kawaii girl and was dressed as though she was going out on a regular date.

When she greeted me she was smiling and giggling and wasn’t shy or nervous at all. After brief introductions she took me by the hand to a nearby love hotel. Her name was “Mikoto”. We got the key and as soon as we were in the elevator, she was onto me, like she was just as horny.

I tried to make conversation, but then why bother? Into the shower and she gave me a good wash. It wasn’t long before I got a hard on, a bit more giggling and she got down on her knees giving me a blog job in the shower! I almost came right then! Maybe she sensed it, so we got out of the shower and onto the bed.

She didn’t waste much time getting her head between my legs and the sucking started. She sucked and she sucked. She had a beautiful thick tongue that she wrapped around my dick. For some reason, I didn’t feel like coming, and even better she kept sucking. Normally girls get a bit tired and start to use their hands to give you a helping hand, so to speak, but she did not relent!

All good things come to an end eventually and I came. I came really hard – it was one of those out of body orgasms. It felt great. She offered a massage, but how could I ask for a massage after she had just worked so hard? “No thanks, I’m fine”, I said. “Just relax”. About 40 seconds later the timer went off. “Just how long had she been sucking for?”, I wondered.

Another quick shower, a kiss good-bye and my spring cherry blossom was over.

L/S in Shibuya – Nov 2005

I had an interesting experience at this soapland, or whatever it was – good nonetheless. Their website suggests gaijin are welcome and require an interpreter. If you can speak even a little Japanese you can get by, although not easily. Finding it is the hardest part – you have to call, there are no signs and is in a building called MI Guitar Academy in Shibuya. Just go to the 5th floor in room A if you don’t want to have to call.

So upon entering, they shuffle me into a very small room with a tv, pictures of all the (very nice selection of) girls, and several other people waiting. After a little while they came in and handed me a couple pictures with descriptions of the girls I could choose from – only 2, it’s up to the girls if they put up with gaijin or not, so naturally a smaller selection. After trying to communicate and eventually handing over 15000yen for 45min they tell me to come back for the appointment in an hour. Good. Get some food, relax, and hope they don’t give me some other ugly ass girl.

Not the case. I get back and they send me up to the 10th floor (turns out the whole building is all part of it – you couldnt tell just looking around). The girl opens the door wearing this hot teddy and is way cute (i think her name was maira). To the room, clothes off, and to the shower. She washes me gently and pays good attention to my dick. We talk a little, she can speak more english than I can speak japanese, so like I said no interpreter necessary. Turns out she’s a sophomore in college studying mech eng.

Back to the room, we lay down, and she starts licking me everywhere – way hot, with her cute little mouth. She tongues my balls thoroughly and slowly works her way up my penis. I’m thinking, bare back?? oh shit hell yes, as she gulps it down – didn’t know such a little girl could handle it so well. Sex is out but, she eventuelly got on top and just rubbing my dick with her pussy, almost as good…So yeah, she took the whole load in her mouth (good girl). After, back to the shower and she washes me again. We get back to the room, dress and talk for a bit until I leave. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Overall, the girl’s service was an A, although the people running it get maybe a B. At least they didnt try to pawn me off to some non-japanese fugly girl like a lot of other places do. I know that I will definitely be going back. If you speak Japanese or are with someone that does it would be a lot easier.

Tokyo escorts – June 2005

After seeing the Tokyo escort site, I made a booking as soon as I got into Tokyo. I only had a short amount of time before I had to go off for a dinner so I booked a short 40 minute session, just to see what they were like.

After confirming the room number of the love hotel in Shibuya with the friendly Mama-san, I excitedly made my way up the elevator. I met with a very young looking girl, “Ayu”. She doesn’t have a picture on the website, but if you are looking for a young, innocent girl who looks like she just graduated from highschool, I can strongly recommend her.

Ayu is pretty and cute and has beautiful, smooth skin. She already had the bath running so we got in together where we started to discover each other. Out of the bath and she gave me a good wash down. She got down on her knees to give my dick a thorough wash. Such a beautiful sight!

Straight on to the bed, she didn’t waste anytime, at first kissing lightly while she got me hard with her hand. I was really attracted to her, so I knew I was going to have trouble holding back. I motioned her to move further south where she started to work on my balls with her tongue and slowly up to my dick.

All the pressures of the day evaporated from body and it felt fantastic to have such a cute young girl sucking on my dick like there was no tomorrow. I wished it could have gone on longer, but by that that stage there was no way I could stop myself cuming into her pretty little mouth.

She cradled into my arms where we cuddled and touched each other until the terrible sound of the timer went off. It was a great experience, I only wish I had booked a longer course!

Tokyo escorts – December 2004

After seeing the discount of 5,000 yen on this site I thought I would give them a try. I had never used an escort service before as I thought they were only for guys that couldn’t get laid or businessmen with lots of money to spend. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service and I thought it was well worth the money. Tokyo escorts might appear a little more expensive than some of the esutes and massage parlors featured on the Tokyo Pink Guide, but I think the prices are very reasonable. If you have the experience I had it was worth ten visits to Chinese esutes where they are more interested in taking your money than making sure you have a nice time.

Choosing a lady from the web-site is like trying to choose your favorite candy from a candy store! The girls all look very young and cute. I couldn’t decide so I asked the lovely mama-san Karen to pick a nice cute girl for me. I arrived at the arranged love hotel ten minutes early so I went in and got changed into a robe. Right on time a young girl knocked on the door. I was met by a very nice, cute girl. She introduced herself as, Chisato and wore fairly sexy but conservative clothes. I had only booked the 40 minute course so after the brief introductions she got undressed and we head to the shower. She gave me a nice wash and she washed the important parts very well. She kept smiling and giggling which made me feel more relaxed and excited.

Finished our shower and made our way to the bed. She had a very nice slim body and nice perky breasts. There was no fat on her at all. We started kissing and touching each other while she started to rub my cock which was very hard now. She started kissing and licking lower and lower, then started licking my thighs teasing and teasing me. I couldn’t wait any longer so I moved her head to where I wanted it to be. She moved slowly but deliberately. Increasing the speed faster and faster, more tongue and more saliva. Then she moved into a 69 position. I could almost feel myself exploding but I was trying to make it last for as long as I could. I finally shot my load and I layed back and closed my eyes. She snuggled into me and it felt like I was with a new girl-friend.

We talked a little bit and she offered to give me a massage but it was nice just laying there and I knew the 40 minutes would almost be over. It wasn’t long and her keitai alarm went off, but she took her time to move to the shower. We showered again, got changed and talked like we had known each other for a long time. At least longer than the 40 minutes we had just spent together.

We left the hotel together and I promised to see her again. I spent a bit of money, but when I thought about it probably actually saved money compared to going out for a night in Roppongi to pick up a chick and I had a much nicer time!